Our Mission

To establish and protect the democratic system for undergraduate university governance; to promote the general welfare of all university undergraduate students. To create and maintain strong lines of communication between students and university administrators; to work toward greater transparency in administrative decisions. To protect the accessibility and affordability of the university for all students. To work to acknowledge, appreciate, and expand the diversity of the student body, including socioeconomic, racial, religious, cultural, gender, sexual orientation and political characteristics. To provide leadership opportunities and development for all undergraduate students and to set the standards which other schools strive to uphold when leading their students into the future.

Your SGA

We are a group of undergraduate students who:

- officially represent student voice and the student body to the UMass administration
- work directly with administrators to influence and change campus policy
- decide how to effectively allocate $2 million to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)
- approve new RSOs and advise students throughout the application process (per semester)
- provide emergency funding to RSOs throughout the year

Like the US government, we are made of an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch.

Why is the SGA Important?

Because of the Wellman Document, which is a legally binding trustee document, we are the official governing body of UMass undergraduate students.

To quickly assess how students view an issue, administrators often look first to the SGA, and because of this, SGA members often have a seat at the decision-making table that other student groups may not receive. We are your representatives!

We also are in charge of allocating funds from the Student Activities Trust Fund, or the SATF. Through the Student Activities fee, roughly $2 million is available each year to fund RSOs, making the SATF one of the clearest and most transparent uses of student money.

Students First

The SGA’s job is to serve, represent, and advocate for students. We believe in student voice and in “Students First!”

If you have a project or campaign idea, please let us know!

Our Bylaws

Consultation Policy

Wellman Document