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UMass strives for excellence

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is dedicated to striving for academic and administrative excellence. One of the guiding commitments of Strategic Action, the University's plan for 1997-2001, is to develop a new environment for learning, discovery, and outreach through organizational renewal. Striving for Excellence (SFE) provides a powerful mechanism for achieving those goals.

SFE announces implementation progress

Over the past year, several SFE projects have entered the implementation phase. Implementation occurs in the appropriate executive area under the guidance of project sponsors. Updates are available for the following:

Small-scale construction and renovation
Graduate student appointments
Travel services

New set of process reviews selected

In the spring of 2000, a new set of SFE process reviews were selected. The areas to be reviewed include: business service delivery, chemical management system for the life cycle of chemicals, ground transportation, building coordinators, duplicating/printing services, and space design and office furnishing. Summaries of the reviews are available by clicking on Projects.

SFE invites community response

Your input helps make this initiative more responsive to the complex needs of the campus community. The following is welcome:

Feedback on implementation
Suggestions for review projects
Recognition of change efforts

Please share your ideas! Write to to provide feedback or learn more about Striving for Excellence.


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