School of Earth & Sustainability

Established in Spring 2016, the School of Earth & Sustainability (SES) is a cross-disciplinary partnership between the Departments of Environmental Conservation, Geosciences, Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning and Stockbridge School of Agriculture as well as the Environmental Microbiology group from the Department of Microbiology.  SES joins diverse academic programs, research, and outreach that share a common focus on earth, sustainability, and environmental sciences.  Together, our community includes over 100 world-class faculty, 1300 undergraduate students, 320 graduate students as well as many research scientists, technicians and support staff.

SES Departments

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Partnering SES Colleges

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The School of Earth & Sustainability provides invaluable services, training, and expertise to our campus and the Commonwealth.  To gain a deeper understanding of how our partnership is making a difference to our students, faculty, the University of Massachusetts, and beyond, read more here.