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Nutrition and Health in the Science Classroom

This course will address topics such as the functions of human body systems, the organization of multicellular organisms, development, and nutrition. Course objectives will be accomplished using an interconnected collection of hands-on and computer activities based on case studies on topics of interest to middle school students. For instance, through recording their own dietary intake and activity levels, participants will be introduced to issues of data collection and analysis, reliability of data collection methods, and techniques for carrying out nutritional analyses.

Nutrition is an important topic for middle and high school students. Obesity and eating disorders are major problems at this age; many students are experiencing growth spurts and changes in body structure. Web resources can be used to analyze levels of fats, calories, vitamins, and minerals in fast foods and snacks and to plan adequate diets that support students' tastes and life styles. Participants will be organized into collaborative, inquiry-based learning teams to solve progressively presented web based medical cases in which nutritional or other biological issues are introduced.


Melissa Brown, PhD.
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Nutrition
University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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