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Trustee Documents


T70-025:  The University of Massachusetts Ombudsman

T70-62A:  The Morris Report (Historical)

T73-098:  Board of Trustees Statement on University Governance (Wellman Document)

T76-081: Academic Personnel Policy (Red Book)

T77-059:  University of Massachusetts Fair Information Practices Regulations

T91-035A:  Procedures for Dealing with Charges of Misconduct in Research and Scholarly
                   Activities at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

T91-100:  Board of Trustees Bylaws

T92-012:  Procedures for University Approval of New Academic Degree Programs, Program
                 Changes, and Program Termination

T92-037:  University of Massachusetts Amherst Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

T93-054:  Policy for Awarding Emeritus Status

T93-080:  University Guidelines on the Review and Evaluation of Senior Administrators

T93-116:   University of Massachusetts Alcohol and Drug Policies

T96-047:  The University of Massachusetts Policy on Faculty Consulting and Outside
                 Activities Amherst and Boston

T96-096:  University of Massachusetts Policy on Centers and Institutes

T96-136:  Principles of Employee Conduct






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