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Secretary's Message

Welcome to the Faculty Senate of the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts.
These pages will give you some background information on the Senate, its organization and
its role on this campus. The key documents on campus governance, academic freedom and
tenure are included here, but if you have questions not answered by this material please
contact the Senate Office at 413-545-3611, by fax at 413-545-1738, or by e-mail at senate@senate.umass.edu. The Senate office is located at 105 Hampshire House and
is open from 8:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday.

If you are on the campus please feel free to attend Senate meetings or meetings of the
Senate Councils or Committees. If you are a faculty member and are interested in Senate membership or in serving on a Council or a Committee please contact the Senate Office.
Senate membership is by election, but it is not necessary to be an elected Senator in order
to serve on a Council or Committee.

Ernest May









Ernest D. May, Secretary

The Faculty Senate of the Amherst Campus, University of Massachusetts: Observations on Theory, Structure and Function
by Dr. Ernest May

- Summary of Remarks Presented at Shared Governance: Campus Decision Making in the 21st Century, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, April 19, 2006.









Academic Matters
Academic Priorities
Campus Physical Planning
General Education
International Studies
Program and Budget
Research Library
Status of Diversity
Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
Undergraduate Education
University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


Admissions and Records
Committee on Committees
University Computer and Electronic Communications
University Press
University Writing

Ad Hoc Committees

Certificates (ACERT)
Executive Advisory Council (EAC)
General Education Revision and Implementation (GERICO)
Impact and Implications of Digital Scholarship
Online Learning (ACOL)
Strategic Oversight (AHCSO)
Student Plagiarism (ACOSP)
System Performance and System Structure (ACOSS)

Capital Asset Task Force (CATF)
UMA 250 Task Force