Rules Committee Membership and Officers

Chair: Rebecca Spencer (

Members (Name, Department, Term Expiration):

Secretary of the Faculty Senate:
MJ Peterson (Political Science/Faculty Senate), 2021 S

Presiding Officer of the Faculty Senate:
Richard Bogartz (Psychological and Brain Sciences), 2020 S

Faculty Delegate to the Board of Trustees:
David Hoagland (Polymer Science and Engineering), 2020 S

Associate Delegate to the Board of Trustees:
Sarah Hutton (Library), 2020 S

Five Elected Senators At-Large:

Lisa Green (Linguistics) 2021 S

Mzamo Mangaliso (Management) 2022 S

Jennifer Normanly (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2022 S

Rebecca Spencer (Psychological and Brain Sciences) 2020 S

Wilmore Webley (Microbiology), 2020 S