Research Council Membership

Chair: Lori Goldner (

Members (Name, Department, Term Expiration):

College of Engineering:
Ashwin Ramasubramaniam (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) 2021 F

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:
Carey Clouse (Architecture), 2020 S
Maria Tymoczko (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), 2020 S
Jason Moralee (History), 2021 S

College of Natural Sciences:
Lori Goldner (Physics), 2022 F
E. Bryan Coughlin (Polymer Science and Engineering), 2020 S
Paul Katz (Biology), 2021 S
Jennifer Normanly (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), 2021 S
Dominique Alfandari (Veterinary and Animal Sciences), 2021 F
Alexander Ribbe (Polymer Science and Engineering), 2022 F
Robert DeConto (Geosciences), 2021 F

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
M.J. Alhabeeb (Resource Economics), 2021 F
James Kitts (Sociology), 2020 F

Isenberg School of Management:
Janet Fink (Sport Management), 2022 S

College of Education:
Michelle Hosp (Student Development), 2020 S

College of Nursing:
Rachel Walker (Nursing), 2021 S
Annette Wysocki (Nursing), 2022 S

College of Information and Computer Sciences:
J. Eliot Moss (Information and Computer Science), 2020 F

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:
Lisa Chasan-Taber (Epidemiology), 2021 S

Brian Shelburne, 2022 S
Leslie Button (Library), 2021 S

Representative from the Commonwealth Honors College Council, appointed by the CHCC Chair:

Chair of the Graduate council or designee (E):
Sarah Poissant

Provost or designee (E):
Michelle Budig

Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement (E):
Mike Malone

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement (E):
Martina Nieswandt

Dean of the Graduate School (E):
Barbara Krauthamer

Director of Grants and Contracts (E):
Carol Sprague

Research Compliance Coordinator (E):
Jennifer Donais

Dean of Libraries (E):
Simon Neame

Director of the Institute for Applied Life Sciences (E):
Peter Reinhart

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
MJ Peterson

President of the Graduate Student Senate (E):
Justin Burch

President of the Student Government Association or designee (E):
Timmy Sullivan

Two Graduate Students:
Sohini Banerjee
Laura Hancock

One Undergraduate Student:
Renos Zabounidis