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The Faculty Senate at UMass Amherst is a representative body which is responsible for faculty participation in university planning and governance. Full Senate meetings are open to the public.

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Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at 3:30 pm in 227 Herter Hall (unless otherwise noted) and are open to the public.

Fall 2013
Thursday, September 12
Thursday, October 10

Thursday, November 14
Thursday, December 12

Spring 2014
Thursday, January 30
Thursday, February 20
Thursday, March 13
Thursday, April 3

Thursday, April 17
Thursday, May 1
Thursday, May 8

Current Agenda & Agenda Items


Rules Committee Meetings-
Spring 2014

January 8
January 17
January 31
February10 (Monday)
February 21
March 7
March 14
April 4
April 18
April 25
May 2 (If needed)
July 28 (Monday)*

All Rules Committee meetings are on Fridays and begin at 8:15 a.m. in the University Club, unless otherwise noted.

*The July 28 meeting will begin at 10:15 a.m. and take place in Hampshire House, 120.

Rules Committee/
Administration Meetings-
Spring 2014

January 10 (Friday)
February 6 (Thursday)
February 24 *(Cancelled)
March 10
April 10 (Thursday)
April 28
May 19
July 28

All Rules Committee/ Administration meetings are on Mondays and begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Whitmore Board Room, unless otherwise noted.


News & Updates

Interim Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on FBS Football -- December 12, 2013
--Commentary from Committee Co-Chair Max Page
--Commentary from Committee Co-Chair Nelson Lacey

Remarks made by Chancellor Subbaswamy at the Faculty Convocation -- October 4, 2013

New Course Scheduling Matrix -- Proposed Effective Date: Fall 2014

Innovation and Impact: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University--Phase One Report: Setting the Agenda

Electronic Mail Policies and Practices Review

Report of the Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight: "Innovation and Impact: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University"
Sen. Doc. No. 13-064

Proposed Senate Redistricting Plan for September 2013

School of Education

Strategic Planning Process 2012-2013 -- Office of the Provost

UMass Amherst 2008-2012 Progress and Short Term Projections - Report from the Board of Trustees, October 16, 2012

Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight (JTFSO) Draft Planning Guide, October 10, 2012: "Impact, Innovation and Integration: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University"

Chronicle of Higher Education Article on Faculty Involvement in the Creation of MOOCs

Mellenbrook Policy Advisors' Report on Online Education at the University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Capital Plan Update

Video of University of Massachusetts President Robert L. Caret's Inaugural Address - November 1, 2011

Interim Approval for the UMass Innovation Institute (UMII) - August 1, 2011

Capital Plan FY2012 - FY2016

Responses to the Board of Higher Education Vision Project Working Group on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (WGSLOA) by the Joint Task Force on Accountability (JTFA)
--Thoughts on the Use of LEAP ELOs for Summative Performance Assessment - November 1, 2011
--Response to the Phase Two Report of the Working Group on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment - October 14, 2011
--Response to the Phase One Report of the Working Group on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment - November 11, 2010

Athletic Department Strategic Plan for 2010-2015
--Athletic Deptartment Financial Overview FY11 - FY12

UNIVRSTY 298A - Faculty Senate Practicum Course Information

Course Instructional Guidelines

Administrative Policies



Academic Matters
Academic Priorities
Campus Physical Planning
Commonwealth Honors College
General Education
Information and Communication Technology
International Studies
Program and Budget
Research Library
Status of Diversity
Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
Undergraduate Education
University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


Admissions and Records
Nominating Committee
University Computer and Electronic Communications
University Press
University Writing

Ad Hoc Committees

Capital Asset Task Force (CATF)
Executive Advisory Council (EAC)
Ad Hoc Committee on FBS Football (ACFBS)
Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Revision and Implementation (GERICO)
Ad Hoc Committee on Health Insurance for International Students
Ad Hoc Committee on the Impact and Implications of Digital Scholarship
Ad Hoc Committee on Open Educational Resources (AHCOOER)
Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Oversight (AHCSO)
Ad Hoc Committee on System Performance and System Structure (ACOSS)
Joint Task Force on Accountability (JTFA)
Joint Task Force on Curriculum, Credits and Costs (JTFCCC)
Joint Task Force on Resource Allocation (JTFRA)
Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight (JTFSO)
Joint Task Force on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (JTFSLOA)
UMA 250 Task Force