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Approval Procedure Guide

In addition to the hard copies sent to the Faculty Senate Office, Hampshire House 105, it is required that course proposals be submitted electronically (in MS Word format only) to senate@senate.umass.edu.  See Sen. Doc. No. 05-019A for information regarding the rationale for this change.

Approval Procedure Guide in pdf format

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I. Course Approval Procedures

    Regular Courses

    Experimental Courses

    Minor Changes in Courses

II. General Education Designation

     Honors Designation and Continuing Education

III. Academic Programs (Majors, Minors, Concentrations and Certificates)

       General Information, Definitions, and Approval Procedures

       Program Approval Procedures
          1. Academic Degree Programs
          2. Joint Academic Degree Programs

       Program Revision Procedures

       Policy and Procedures: Termination of Existing Programs

IV. Review Procedures for Establishing Institutes, Centers, or Similar Organizations

      Definitions and Distinctions



        Scope of Campus Authority Concerning Centers and Institutes

      Creation and Approval

        Proposal Content (General)

        Resource Implications

        Approval Procedures


        Allocation of Space

       Evaluation of Existing Centers and Institutes
         1. General Guidelines
         2. Detailed Guidelines

V. Forms






Academic Matters
Academic Priorities
Campus Physical Planning
General Education
International Studies
Program and Budget
Research Library
Status of Diversity
Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
Undergraduate Education
University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


Admissions and Records
Committee on Committees
University Computer and Electronic Communications
University Press
University Writing

Ad Hoc Committees