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Review Procedures for Establishing Institutes, Centers or Similar Organizations:
Evaluation of Existing Centers and Institutes:
Detailed Guidelines for Periodic Evaluation of an Existing Center or Institute

B.  Criteria and Measurements for Self-Study Report:

Please comment on the following topics as they apply to your Center or Institute (C/I) over the past five years of its operation. No item's comments should exceed a page; most should be handled as an “executive summary” in a paragraph.

  1. Comment generally and cite a few examples showing how your C/I contributes to the mission and goals of the Amherst campus.
  2. Comment on how successful the C/I has been in meeting its own goals and objectives in terms of type and scale of activities or other accomplishments and in terms of organizational structure or change.
  3. Have financial and other resources been adequate over the time period for the activities pursued? (or is the operation running a deficit?) Other than money, what other resources has the campus provided (space, in-kind labor, access to phone, computer, other office machines, etc.)?
  4. If applicable, has any investment from the campus operating budget leveraged other resources, financial or otherwise for the campus? If no campus funding resources are involved, have the external funding resources served to supplement campus funding for research, graduate support, any thing else?
  5. Describe those you would identify as users, clients, or beneficiaries of the activities of the C/I (students, private sector CEOs, other faculty, general public, etc.) and provide some sense of scale in terms of numbers for each grouping in a typical year.
  6. Comment briefly on how you expect those users would evaluate the quality of activities of the C/I.

Detailed Guidelines: Evaluation Committee

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Creation and Approval of Centers and Institutes

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