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Course Approval Procedures: Experimental Courses

Basic Application Procedures

1. Each department is authorized to offer courses on an experimental basis following an abbreviated approval process, and proposers of permanent courses are encouraged to offer the courses on an experimental basis prior to and/or during the review process for permanent approval. An experimental course is given an X90-alpha number (that is, a number 190, 290, 390, etc., with an alphabetic extension), a series reserved for experimental courses only. Following approval, an experimental course may be taught only three times.

2. Using Form D, the proposer must have the course approved by the department curriculum committee, the department head/chair and the school or college dean. The Dean of the Graduate School must also approve courses numbered 590 and above.

3. Upon approval at the dean's level, the course proposal shall be sent to the Faculty Senate Office. After approval by the Secretary of the Faculty Senate, the proposal shall be forwarded to the Provost's Office for approval and scheduling.


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