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Academic Programs:  Policies and Procedures:Termination of Existing Programs

Campuses must notify the President prior to, and the Board of Higher Education following, the suspension or termination of an existing Academic Degree Program. A campus may reactivate a suspended or discontinued program, with the approval of the President and the Board of Higher Education. The President may require that the reactivation proposal be reviewed under a process similar to that applicable to proposals for new programs, or some other appropriate process.

In the event that discontinuance, termination, or reactivation of programs would have a significant impact upon other campuses as determined by the President, such action will only occur after the President has obtained the advice of the Academic Advisory Council and subsequently the approval of the Board of Trustees.

[The procedures in Section III conform as appropriate to those approved by the Faculty Senate as presented in Sen. Doc. No. 89-054A and to the Procedures for University Approval of New Academic Degree Programs, Program Changes, and Program Termination. (Doc. T92-012 as amended by the Board of Trustees on 8/6/97).]

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