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723rd Meeting of the Faculty Senate

Agenda for the 723rd Regular Meeting of the Faculty Senate -- January 31, 2013

Minutes for the 723rd Meeting of the Faculty Senate
--Presentation on Summer Programs by Edmund Ferszt, Assistant Provost for Summer Programs
--PowerPoint on Summer Programs

The following items were approved at the 723rd Faculty Senate Meeting:

Special Report of the Academic Priorities and Research Councils concerning a Name Change in the College of Natural Sciences: "Center for Agriculture" changed to "Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment"
Sen. Doc. No. 13-029

Amendment to the Special Report of the Committee on Committees concerning Nominations to Faculty Senate Councils and Committees
Sen. Doc. No. 13-028B

Special Report of the Academic Matters, Academic Priorities, Graduate and Program and Budget Councils concerning the Separation of Finance and Operations & Information Management into two Departments: 1) Finance Department; 2) Operations & Information Management Department
Sen. Doc. No. 13-030

Special Report of the Academic Matters Council concerning Minor Changes in Microbiology Undergraduate Major Requirements
Sen. Doc. No. 13-031

Special Report of the General Education Council concerning Recommended General Education Designations for ANTHRO 290B, FRENCHST 289 and SCANDIN 276
Sen. Doc. No. 13-032





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