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Student Affairs and University Life Council - Membership List

Chairs: Linda Griffin

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration)

Ten Faculty Members (At Large):
Linda Griffin, Chair (Education), 2013 F
Seth Cable (Linguistics), 2014 S
Peter Graham (Philosophy), 2014 F
Rachel Mordecai (English), 2014 F
Erika Hamilton (Microbiology), 2015 S
Alexandrina Deschamps (WGSS), 2015 S
David Mac Court (Library), 2015 F
Matthew Bachmann (Army ROTC), 2015 F
Ruth Jennison (English), 2016 S
Jordana Rosenberg (English), 2016 S

Provost or designee (E):
Carol Barr

Vice Chancellor for University Relations (E):
John Kennedy

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or designee (E):
Enku Gelaye

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
Ernest May

One Graduate Student:
Craig Bidiman

Five Undergraduate Students:
Jishava Patel
Willis Chen
Jen Rachel
Tyler O'Day
Ryan Jancsy






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Status of Diversity
Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
Undergraduate Education
University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


Admissions and Records
Committee on Committees
University Computer and Electronic Communications
University Press
University Writing

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