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Campus Physicall Planning Council - Membership List

Chair: Stephen Schreiber

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration)

Nine Faculty Members (At Large):
Alexander Schreyer (Environmental Conservation), 2014 S
Katharine Green (Nursing), 2014 S
Elizabeth Vierling (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology), 2014 S
Brian Kane (Environmental Conservation), 2014 S
Rod Warnick (HTM), 2015 F
John Spargo (Stockbridge School of Agriculture), 2015 F
Ronald Labbe (Food Science), 2016 S
Joseph Bartolomeo (English), 2016 S
Brent Auerbach (Music and Dance), 2016 S

One Member of the Professional Library Staff:
Christine Turner (Library), 2014 F

One Faculty Member Representing LARP:
Mark Lindhult (LARP), 2014 S

One Faculty Member Representing the Architecture + Design Program:
Stephen Schreiber, Chair (Art, Architecture, & Art History), 2013 F

One Faculty Member Representing MSP:
Max Page

Director of the Arts Council or desginee (E):
Sally O'Shea

Director of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture or designee (E):
Wes Autio

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee (E):
James Sheehan

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Campus Services or designee (E):
Juanita Holler

Provost/Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or designee (E):
Bryan Harvey

Vice Chancellor for University Relations (E):
John Kennedy

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or designee (E):
Eddie Hull

Director of Athletics or designee (E):
Dan Markowski

President of the Graduate Student Senate or designee (E):
Robin Anderson

President of the Student Government Association or designee (E):
Zac Broughton

Two Graduate Students or Undergraduate Students appointed by the shair of the CPPC:
Timothy Sutton
Craig Bidiman

Non-Voting Members:

Director of Physical Plant (E):
Raymond Jackson

Director of Facilities Planning (E):

Director of Campus Planning (E):
Dennis Swinford

Director of Libraries (E):
Jay Schafer

Director of Environmental Health and Safety (E):
Ed Mientka

Directory of Parking (E):
Michael Brennan

Director of Transit (E):
Glenn Barrington

Representative for the Town of Hadley (E):

Representative for the Town of Amherst (E):
Jonathan Tucker

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
Ernest May





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