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General Education Council - Membership List

Chair: Maurianne Adams

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration)

Five Representatives from the Professional Schools:
Reiko Sono (Lang., Lit., & Cult.), 2013 F
Maurianne Adams, Chair (Student Development), 2014 S
Claire Hamilton (TECS), 2015 S
Martha Yoder (CHC), 2016 S

Five Representatives from Arts & Sciences:
Farshid Hajir (Mathematics/Statistics), 2014 S
Peter Houlihan (Biology), 2015 S
Judith Goodenough (Biology), 2015 F
Patricia Gubitosi (Lang., Lit., & Cult.), 2015 F
Alexandrina Deschamps (WGSS), 2016 S

Six At-Large Faculty Members:
Kevin Klement (Philosophy), 2013 F
Karen Stevens (UWW), 2014 S
Stephen Gencarella (Communication), 2015 S
Kym Morrison (Afro-Am Studies), 2015 S
Philippe Baillargeon (Lang., Lit., & Cult.), 2016 S
Razvan Sibii (Communication), 2016 S
Christine Meyer Healey (Biology), 2016 S
Justin Fermann (Chemistry) 2016 S

Paulina Borrego (Library), 2014 S

Representative from the Commonwealth Honors College Council, appointed by the CHCC Chair:
Alexandrina Deschamps

Chair of the Academic Matters Council or designee (E):
John Lenzi

University Registrar or designee (E):
Dori McCracken

Director of Transfer Affairs or designee (E):
Stephanie Chapko

Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Advising and Learning Commons (E):
Pamela Marsh-Williams

Vice Provost for Undergraduate and Continuing Education or designee (E):
Carol Barr

Vice Provost for International Programs or designee (E):
Kalpen Trivedi

Dean of the Commonwealth Honors College or designee (E):

Director of the University Writing Program or designee (E):
Haivan Hoang

Assistant Provost for Assessment and Educational Effectiveness (E):
Martha Stassen

Associate Director of Faculty Development (E):
Mei Yau-Shih

Five College Coordinator of designee (E):
Nate Therien

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
Ernest May

Two Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates:

Three Undergraduate Students:
David Morin
Stefan Herlitz






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