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Status of Diversity Council - Membership List

Co-Chairs: Mzamo Mangaliso
                Ernest Washington

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration)

College of Engineering:
Sergio Breña (Civil/Environ. Engr.), 2014 F

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:
Ingrid Holm (ESL), 2013 F
Hoang Gia Phan (English), 2015 F
Alice Nash (History), 2015 F
Jane Degenhardt (English), 2015 F
Alberto Ameal-Perez (Spanish/Portuguese), 2016 S

College of Natural Sciences:

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Mari Castañeda (Communication), 2014 S

Isenberg School of Management:
Mzamo Mangaliso, Co-Chair (Management), 2016 S

School of Education:
Ernest Washington, Co-Chair (TECS), 2014 F
Doris Clemmons (Education), 2014 F

School of Nursing:
Sharon Mills-Wisneski (Nursing), 2014 F
Jeung Choi (Nursing), 2015 S

School of Public Health and Health Sciences:
Nathaniel Whitmal (Communication Disorders), 2014 F

Sarah Hutton (Library), 2016 S

MSP Representative:
Laura Lovett

Provost or designee (E):
Joel Martin

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or designee (E):
Sam Killings

Associate Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Diversity or designee (E):
Laurie Anastasia

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or designee (E):
Annemarie Seifert

Director of the Fine Arts Center (E):
Willie Hill

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
Ernest May

USA Representative:

AFSCME Local 1776 Representative:

Professional Staff Union (PSU) Representative:

Four Graduate Students:
Anna Waltman
Ghazah Abbasi
Stefanie Robles

Five Undergraduate Students:
Ritika Bharkrhi
Joshua Odam
Merav Kaufman
Preston Davis






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