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Athletic Council - Membership List

Co-Chairs: Tracy Schoenadel
                 Nelson Lacey

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration):

Eight Faculty Members and Librarians (At Large):
Patricia Vittum (Stockbridge School of Agriculture), 2014 S
Rod Warnick (HTM), 2014 S
Timothy Anderson (Music and Dance), 2014 F
Rebecca Spencer (Psychology), 2015 F
Anne Moore (Library), 2015 F
Tracy Schoenadel, Co-Chair (Sport Management), 2016 S
Nelson Lacey, Co-Chair (Operations and Information Management), 2016 S
Samuel Hazen (Biology), 2016 S

Three Alumni Appointments (Three-year terms):
Michelle Borkhuis; George R. Richason, Jr., Diane Barstow

One Alumnus/Alumna At Large (Three-year term):
Ed Ward

Director of Athletics (E), without vote:
John McCutcheon

Directory of the Alumni Association (E):
JC Schnabl

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement or designee (E):

Faculty NCAA Representative (Appointed by Chancellor):
Rebecca Spencer

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
Ernest May

President of the Graduate Student Senate or designee (E):
Joseph Gikonyo

President of the Student Government Association or designee (E):

Six Undergraduate Students:
Matthew Georgian
Lauren Skesavage
Emily Hajjar
Ryan Dizoglio
Lindsay Vitale





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