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Academic Priorities Council


The following matters are currently under consideration by the Academic Priorities Council. Click on each for a copy of the original proposal (in pdf format).

Chair:         Richard Bogartz (Psychology)

  1. Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management at Isenberg
  2. Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  3. Breaking of the Dept. of Public Health into Three Depts.
  4. Arts Management Certificate
  5. Minor in Catalan Studies
  6. PhD in Education
    --Curriculum Outline: Children, Families, and Schools
    --Curriculum Outline: Educational Policy and Leadership
    --Curriculum Outline: Language, Literacy and Culture
    --Curriculum Outline: Math and Sciences Learning Technology
    --Curriculum Outline: Research, Educational Measurement and Psychometrics
    --Curriculum Outline: Social Justice Education
    --Curriculum Outline: Special Education
    --Curriculum Outline: Teacher Education and School Improvement
    --Enrollment Projection
    --Organizational Chart
    --Assessment Plan
    --Graduate Assistantship Funding Sources
    --Program Budget
    --Faculty Form
  7. New Department to known as the School of Public Policy

Programs on Hold:

  1. Food Studies Certificate Program






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