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Academic Priorities Council

Chair: Richard Bogartz

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Special Report of the Academic Priorities Council concerning the Special Report of the Provost concerning Schools within Colleges
Sen. Doc. No. 12-021A

An Exploration into Improving Academic Supply (Deliverables) Relative to Student Demand
AQAD Summaries 1998-2010

The Academic Priorities Council will meet on the following dates during the Spring 2014 semester:

January 16
February 27
March 27
April 24

All meetings will begin at 3:00 p.m. and take place in the Campus Center, Room 903.


The Academic Priorities Council shall:
(a) Provide advice to the Administration on all matters of academic planning and priority;
(b) Provide periodic advice to the Administration relating to the growth, stabilization, reduction
     merger and closure of academic programs;
(c) Review, at the request of the Administration, long-range plans involving changes in
     academic priorities;
(d) Develop criteria and procedures whereby programs can be assigned an academic priority;
(e) Review all proposals for new programs. Since the concept of priority includes competition for
     resources, the Council's review may include an assessment of the priority of the proposed
     new program in relation to existing program with which the new program will compete; and
(f) Review and respond to AQAD Reports.

Its membership shall be:
(a) Fifteen Faculty Members, including one from each School/College headed by a Dean and one from
     the Professional Library Staff selected at large;
(b) A Representative from the Commonwealth Honors College Council, appointed by the Chair of the Commonwealth Honors College Council;
(c) A Representative of the Massachusetts Society of Professors;
(d) The Provost or a designee, serving ex officio;
(e) The Chairperson of the Academic Matters Council or a designee, serving ex officio;
(f) The Chairperson of the Program and Budget Council or a designee, serving ex officio;
(g) The Chairperson of the Graduate Council or a designee, serving ex officio;
(h) The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio, non-voting;
(i) One Graduate Student; and
(j) Two Undergraduate Students.

From Chapter 5 Section 3 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws






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