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The following matters are currently under consideration by the Academic Matters Council and its various Subcommittees. Click on each for a copy of the original proposal (in pdf format). You may email any Subcommittee member your comments by clicking on a name.



Linda Shea
  Cindy Suopis



Members:    David Vacchi (Graduate Student)
                  Stephen Walt (Music & Dance)
                  MJ Peterson (Political Science)


Course Evaluation Form

Courses currently under consideration by the Course Subcommittee:

COURSES 001-499

  1. Catalan 110 "Elementary Catalan I"
  2. Catalan 120 "Elementary Catalan II"
  3. Catalan 246 "Intensive Intermediate Catalan"
  4. Catalan 311 "Advanced Intermediate Catalan"
  5. Catalan 321 "Catalan Culture"
  6. Catalan 378 "Catalan Phonetics"
  7. Classics 328 "World of the Etruscans"
  8. Classics 329 "Celtic Archaeology"
  9. CMPSCI 345 "Practice and Applications of Data Management" (9/19/13)
  10. Greek 460 "Euripedes"
  11. Greek 465 "Sophocles"
  12. NRC 270 "Forest Ecology and Conservation"
  13. Portuguese 470 "General View of Portuguese Linguistics"
  14. SOCIOL 348 "Conformity and Deviance" (2/3/14)
  15. SOCIOL 381 "Race, Gender and Work" (10/16/13)
  16. Spanish 356 "Spanish for Medical Professionals"
  17. Spanish 381 "Spanish in the US"
  18. Spanish 432 "From Book to Screen"

COURSES 500-599

  1. CHEM-ENG 578 "Nanomaterials Chemistry and Engineering" (3/24/14)

Course proposals deferred back to school or department for further adjustment:


Chair:         Pamela Marsh-Williams (Assistant Provost)
Members:    Stephanie Chapko (Undergraduate Admissions)
                  Bryan Harvey (Associate Provost)
                  Gerald Platt (Sociology)
                  Patrick Sullivan (Deputy University Registrar)

  1. Sen. Doc. No. 82-064A - "Special Report of the Academic Matters Council concerning Policies for Restricting Access to Majors"
  2. Community Service Learning Description on SPIRE
  3. Final Report of the Joint Task Force on Curriculum, Credits and Costs
  4. Academic Honesty Policy Draft Revision


Chair:        Patrick Kelly (Electrical & Computer Engineering)   
Members:   Martha Baker (Associate Dean, CNS)
                 Bryan Harvey (Associate Provost)
                 Nancy Lamb (French/Italian)
                 Bryan Beck (Faculty Senate) 
                 Heath Hatch (Physics)        

Program proposals currently under consideration by the Program Subcommittee:

  1. Breaking of the Dept. of Public Health into Three Depts.
  2. Revisions to the BS in Animal Science
  3. Intermedia Sub-Plan in Studio Art
  4. New Department to known as the School of Public Policy

Program proposals deferred back to school or department for further adjustment:

  1. Changes in the Graduation Requirements for the Undergraduate Major in Sociology
  2. Change in the Entrance Requirements for the Undergraduate Major in Sociology
  3. Conversion of the Operations Management Sub-Plan to a BBA Degree in - Operations and Technology Management
  4. 4+1 Degree in Biostatistics
  5. 4+1 Degree in Epidemiology
  6. Food Studies Certificate Program
  7. Revision of Pre-Major Requirements for Kinesiology
  8. Raising the Passing Grade for Degree Course Requirements in Kinesiology
  9. Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  10. Accelerated MS in Food Science
  11. Revisions to the BFA Architecture Major
  12. Admission to the Civil Engineering Major
  13. Change to the Criteria for Admission to the Chemical Engineering Major
  14. 4 + 1 MS Degree in Epidemiology
    --Curriculum Structure
  15. 4 + 1 BSED/MRP Program

Program proposals approved by AMC (awaiting approval from other councils and/or Faculty Senate):

  1. Nutrition Second Bachelor's Degree
  2. Conversion of Political Science Major Requirements from Courses to Credits
  3. Revisions to Senior Year Courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering
  4. Management Concentration in Sustainable Business Practice
  5. LARP Program Name Change
  6. Creation of Concentrations in the OIM Major
  7. Revisions to Building and Construction Technology
  8. Online Certificate in General Business Studies
  9. Change of Department Name from Department of Psychology to Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  10. Dissolution of Art, Art History, and Architecture -- January 27, 2014

Program proposals disapproved by the Program Subcommittee:

  1. Change minimum grade for courses counted towards the History major from C- to C
  2. C- or Higher Course Requirement in Chemistry


Members:    David Vacchi (Graduate Student)
                  Nancy Lamb (French/Italian)
                  Linda Lewandowski (Nursing)


Chair:         John Lenzi (Registrar)
Members:    Alice Szlosek (Associate Registrar, Continuing & Professional Education)
                  Joe Bartolomeo (English)
                  Brian O'Connor (Biology)
                  Nancy Buffone (Executive Director, External Relations & University Events)
                  Carol Barr (Vice Provost for Undergraduate & Continuing Education)
                  Daniel Cooley (Stockbridge School of Agriculture)
                  Larry Goldbaum (Director of Religious and Spiritual Life)
                  Linda Kinney (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
                  Nate Therien (Director of Academic Programs, Five Colleges)
                  Patrick Sullivan (Deputy University Registrar)
                  Sue Peters (Director of Financial Aid)
                  Kregg Strehorn (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Advising & Learning Communities)
                  Akshay Kapoor (SGA)
                  David Gross (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology)        







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