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Rules Committee - Membership List

Chair: MJ Peterson

Members (Representing: Name (Department), Term Expiration)

Secretary of the Faculty Senate:
Ernest May (Music and Dance), 2015 S

Presiding Officer (E):
Richard Bogartz (Psychology), 2014 S

Delegate to the Board of Trustees (E):
James Kurose (Computer Science), 2015 S

Associate Delegate to the Board of Trustees (E):
Marilyn Billings (Library), 2015 S

At-Large Members (Five Elected Senators):
Ralph Whitehead (Journalism), 2014 S
MJ Peterson (Political Science), 2015 S
Steven Brewer (Biology) 2016 S
Nancy Cohen (Nutrition), 2016 S
Aura Ganz (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2016 S






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