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Admissions and Records Committee: Recommends policies concerning admissions and re-admissions of undergraduate students, transfer credits, residence requirements, course loads, registration procedures and grade reports.

Campus Physical Planning Committee: Recommends priorities for proposed physical projects and acts as a project review board for physical planning and design projects.

Committee on Committees: Nominates to Senate for ratification all faculty members of all Faculty Senate councils, standing and ad hoc committees plus all multi-campus and campus committees or councils where faculty appointments are required or requested.

Service Departments Committee: Recommends policies to improve campus services such as photographic support for research and teaching, duplication services, telephone services, campus mail, state cars, and the security, maintenance and refurbishing of buildings.

University Computer and Electronic Communications Committee: Recommends policies designed to meet the educational and administrative information technology needs of the campus.

University Press Committee: Recommends policies concerning the administration and operation of the Press, controls the imprint of the Press, approves all of its publications, and recommends policies on the funding of press activities.

University Writing Committee: Recommends policies concerning the operation of the Writing Program, monitors the Freshman and Junior-Year Components of the Writing Program and suggests changes in procedures or policies.






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Academic Priorities
Campus Physical Planning
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International Studies
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Status of Diversity
Status of Women
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University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


Admissions and Records
Committee on Committees
University Computer and Electronic Communications
University Press
University Writing

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