Academic Matters Council Membership

Chair:  Janet Fink (

Members (Name, Department, Term Expiration):

College of Engineering:

College of Humanities and Fine Arts:
Barry Spence (Film Studies), 2022 F
Jennifer Heuer (History), 2020 F
College of Natural Sciences:
Caled Rounds (Biology), 2023 S
Tigran Sedrakyn (Physics), 2023 S
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Allison Butler (Communication), 2023 S
Aerospace Studies:
David Lemery (Aerospace Studies) 2023 S


Isenberg School of Management:
Janet Fink (Sport Management) 2023 S

College of Education:
Jennifer Randall (Educational Policy, Research, & Administration), 2023 S

College of Nursing:

College of Information and Computer Sciences:
Jack Wileden (College of Information and Computer Sciences), 2023 S

School of Public Health and Health Services:

Nine At-Large Faculty Members/Librarians:
Elizabeth Connor (Biology), 2021 S
Linda Lowry (HTM), 2021 S
Sharon Domier (Library), 2021 S
Ruthanne Paradise (Chemistry), 2021 S
Wesley Autio (Stockbridge School of Agriculture), 2021 S
William Brown (ISOM), 2020 F
Wei Fan (Chemical Engineering), 2020 F
Matthew Komer (Athletics), 2021F


Representative from the Commonwealth Honors College Council:
Sylvia Salas

Chair of the Program and Budget Council or designee (E):
Lt. David Lemery

Associate Chancellor/Chief Planning Officer or designee (E):
Bryan Beck

Provost or designee (E):
Carol Barr

Vice Provost and Dean of; Undergraduate Education (E):

Dean of the Commonwealth Honors College or designee (E):

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or designee (E):
Marcy Clark

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management or designee (E):
Morgan Donovan-Hall

Associate Provost for Student Success; or designee (E):
Carolyn Bassett

University Registrar or designee (E):
Patrick Sullivan/ Kate Woodmansee

Director of Internship Program or designee (E): 


Five Colleges Executive Director or designee (E):
Sarah Pfatteicher

Secretary of the Faculty Senate or designee (E):
MJ Peterson

One Graduate Student:
Hayley Cotter

Chairperson of the SGA Academic Affairs Committee (E):

Three Undergraduate Students:
Julia Carino
Joshua Levine
Tamar Stollman