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Joint Task Force on Online Learning (JTFOL)

Chair: Ted Djaferis

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Final Report - "Report on Online Learning at UMass Amherst"


The charge of the Task Force is to respond to the following questions:

1. What should be the standards/best practices for online instruction at UMA? 
(Should the standards differ from those of courses taught face-to-face?)

2. What strategies should be undertaken in the future to handle the demand for
online instruction? (Will "online instruction" become institution-wide or remain mostly
program specific? How will faculty be selected? Who decides when and where the
online courses are taught? How will online courses be maintained and sustained? Should
there be a limit on the number of online courses taught in a department? Should there
be a required minimum of face-to-face instruction stipulated in residential degree
programs on a residential campus?)

3. For what purpose should resources be allocated for the delivery of online credit courses?
(Faculty training? Program development? Where should resources be directed in order
to deliver quality instruction and services? [The Task Force is requested not to deliberate
how much should be charged or spent at this time.])

A report to the Provost and Faculty Senate is requested by June 15, 2007.





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