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Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight Members

Co-Chairs: Nancy Cohen
                 Bryan Harvey
                 Amilcar Shabazz

The Chancellor or a designee:
Kumble Subbaswamy/John Dubach

The Provost or a designee:
James Staros/Elizabeth Dumont

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement or a designee:
Michael Malone

The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance or a designee:
James Sheehan

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life or a designee:
Enku Gelaye

Vice Chancellor for University Relations:
John Kennedy

The Vice Provost for Undergraduate and Continuing Education or a designee:
Carol Barr

The Vice Provost for Graduate Education or a designee:
John McCarthy

The Associate Provost for Academic and Resource Planning:
Bryan Harvey, Co-Chair

The Assistant Provost for Assessment and Educational Effectiveness:
Martha Stassen

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development or a designee:
Annemarie Seifert

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget Director:
Andrew Mangels

Two Members of the Deans Council, appointed by the Provost:
Robert Feldman
Steve Goodwin

The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee:
Ernest May

The Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor for Diversity and Excellence:
Amilcar Shabazz, Co-Chair

The Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees or a designee:
James Kurose

The President of the Massachusetts Society of Professors or a designee:
Randall Phillis

The Chair of the Rules Committee or a designee:
MJ Peterson

Ten Faculty Members and/or Librarians at large, appointed by the Rules Committee:
Marilyn Billings
Richard Bogartz
Sergio Breña
Nancy Cohen, Co-Chair
Diane Flaherty
David Fleming
Mzamo Mangaliso
Jennifer Randall
Anurag Sharma
Donna Zucker

Representative of the Labor Coalition:
Donna Johnson

The Student Trustee or a designee:
Megan Kingston

The President of the Student Government Association or a designee:
Zachary Broughton









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International Studies
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Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
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University Service, Public Service and Outreach


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