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Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Communications (ACCC)

Membership List

Its charge is to:
To explore various options for providing the campus with an effective, comprehensive, community-wide
communications mechanism, and to make a specific recommendation for implementation of the best

Membership on the Ad Hoc Committee shall consist of:
1) Seven At-Large Faculty Members or Librarians (from different schools and colleges), selected by the
    Committee on Committees or by the Rules Committee;
2) A Representative of the University Advancement Council selected by the Chair of the University
    Advancement Council;
3) A Faculty Representative from the Communications Department;
4) The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee;
5) The Director of News and Information;
6) The Director of the Office of Public Affairs;
7) One Representative from each of the Campus Unions;
8) One Undergraduate Student; and
9) One Graduate Student.

From the Special Report of the Rules Committee concerning the Establishment of an Ad Hoc
Committee on Campus Communications, Sen. Doc. No. 05-048





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