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Capital Asset Task Force

Co-Chairs: Juanita Holler
                Stephen Schreiber

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Capital Asset Task Force Interim Report - February 2009

Wilson Architects Findings Report - January 2009

Special Report of the Rules Committee concerning the Establishment
of A Capital Asset Task Force (CATF) - Sen. Doc. No. 09-009

Charge: To provide recommendations to the Capital Asset Board and the Chancellor with respect to planning for and implementation of the Campus Capital Asset Plan.


A. The Chair of the Academic Matters Council, or a designee;
B. The Chair of the Academic Priorities Council, or a designee;
C. The Chair of the General Education Council, or a designee;
D. The Chair of the Graduate Council, or a designee;
E. The Chair of the Research Council, or a designee;
F. The Chair of the Student Affairs and University Life Council, or a designee;
G. The Chair of the Undergraduate Education Council, or a designee;
H. The Chair of the University Advancement Council, or a designee;
I. The Chair of the Campus Physical Planning Committee (CPPC), or a designee;
J. Three Additional Members of the CPPC, appointed by the CPPC Chair;
K. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate;
L. The Chair of the Rules Committee, or a designee;
M. Two Additional Members of the Rules Committee, appointed by the Rules Committee Chair;
N. The Faculty Delegate to the Board of Trustees;
O. Four Faculty selected at large by the Rules Committee, so as to assure the representation of all schools and colleges, with a balance of research and teaching interests; and
P. The Student Trustee.

I. The Chief Information Officer and Special Assistant to the Chancellor, serving ex officio;
II. The Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations, serving ex officio;
III. The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, serving ex officio;
IV. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, serving ex officio;
V. The Director of Facilities and Campus Planning, serving ex officio;
VI. The Deputy Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, serving ex officio;
VII. The Vice Provost for Research, serving ex officio;
VIII. The Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment, serving ex officio;
IX. The Dean of the Graduate School, serving ex officio;
X. The Director of Libraries, serving ex officio; and
XI. The Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, serving ex officio.

The Chair shall be appointed by the Chancellor from among the faculty members of the Task Force. (Alternatively, the Chancellor might elect to appoint Co-Chairs, one of which would be a faculty member and the other of which would be an administrator.) At the discretion of the Chair (or Co-Chairs), subcommittees may be formed to address specific aspects of the charge and report back to the Task Force. Subcommittees must be chaired by a member of the Task Force, but may also include membership from outside the Task Force at the discretion of the Chair.

The Task Force shall present progress reports to the Faculty Senate at least once per semester and a final report at the end of its term. The Task Force will terminate when its work is complete, or on June 30, 2010 at the latest, unless specifically continued for an additional term by action of the Faculty Senate.





Academic Matters
Academic Priorities
Campus Physical Planning
General Education
International Studies
Program and Budget
Research Library
Status of Diversity
Status of Women
Student Affairs and University Life
Undergraduate Education
University Relations and Advancement
University Service, Public Service and Outreach


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Committee on Committees
University Computer and Electronic Communications
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