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Archive of Past Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Communications (ACCC)

Ad Hoc Committee on Certificates (ACERT): To deliberate the purpose and desirability of current and proposed undergraduate and graduate certificate programs and to determine whether to recommend changes in the University's current policies and procedures with respect to certificates at both the graduate and the undergraduate levels.

Ad Hoc Committee on Cultivating Cross-Cultural Awareness: Suggests ways to develop faculty awareness of various student populations, international relations, and sensitivity to variety in the cultural perspectives of students.

Ad Hoc Committee on Online Learning (ACOL): Oversee academic standards and issues of quality assurance with respect to all University of Massachusetts Amherst's undergraduate and graduate courses and programs taught online or in hybrid format.   Advise and make recommendations to campus administration and specific Faculty Senate councils regarding online learning issues.

Joint Task Force on Online Learning 

Ad Hoc Committee On Student Plagiarism (ACOSP): To make recommendations to the Faculty Senate with respect to how the University of Massachusetts Amherst could improve any or all of its practices and procedures with respect to student plagiarism.

Ad Hoc Committee on Student Information Systems (ACSIS)








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