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Ad Hoc Committees

Capital Asset Task Force (CATF):To Provide recommendations to the Capital Asset Board and the Chancellor with respect to planning for and implementation of the Campus Capital Asset Plan.

Executive Advisory Council (EAC): To deliberate issues related to the future of the University of Massachusetts system, including possible reorganization, and especially focusing on the flagship campus at Amherst, and make appropriate recommendations to the Governor, Board of Trustees, and President.

Ad Hoc Committee on FBS Football (ACFBS) : To monitor and evaluate the costs and financial impacts of FBS football.

Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Revision and Implementation (GERICO): To solicit and review proposals to change the number of credits awarded for an approved General Education Course from 3 credits to 4 credits. When approved by the Committee, such proposals will be forwarded to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate and the Provost for subsequent approval and signature as “minor course changes.”

Ad Hoc Committee on Health Insurance for International Students: To review Massachusetts law and campus policy on issues regarding health insurance for International Students.

Ad Hoc Committee on the Impact and Implications of Digital Scholarship: To study the implications of digital production and dissemination of scholarship from the viewpoints of faculty, researchers, librarians, publishers, and booksellers. Determine the impact of that process on scholarly publication and distribution and its various consequences on the library.

Ad Hoc Committee on Open Educational Resources (AHCOOER)

Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Oversight (AHCSO): To lead the faculty discussion of the "Framework for Excellence," involving appropriate councils and committees.

Ad Hoc Committee on System Performance and System Structure (ACOSS): To study extant models of university system structure. Provide input to, and monitor, the Governor’s Readiness Project, specifically the subgroup charged with studying the restructuring of the University of Massachusetts system.

Joint Task Force on Accountability (JTFA): Makes recommendations to the administration and the Faculty Senate about how best to respond to demands that the University of Massachusetts Amherst demonstrate how it is meeting its educational goals.

Joint Task Force on Curriculum, Credits and Costs (JTFCCC): Studies practices and makes policy recommendations regarding maximum credit load, exceptions to the maximum, fair access to course seats, credit overload charges, and other matters relating to curriculum, credits, and costs as may be deemed appropriate and relevant.

Joint Task Force on Resource Allocation (JTFRA)

Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight (JTFSO)

Joint Task Force on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (JTFSLOA)

UMA 250 Task Force: To provide recommendations to the administration with respect to implementing the UMASS 250 Plan.

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