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Ad Hoc Committee on Open Educational Resources


The Ad Hoc Committee on Open Educational Resources will hold its next meeting on Friday, November 2, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. in the Campus Center, Room 903.

Membership List


1. Explore the opportunities and challenges associated with incorporating open educational resources into the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
2. Investigate potential funding and support sources for faculty using and/or developing their own open educational resources.
3. Examine assessment tools and their effectiveness in relation to the Open Education Resources initiative, with a particular focus on the student learning experience.
4. Investigate other institutions utilizing open educational resources in the curriculum.
5. Address accessibility concerns related to content and delivery, taking into consideration current legislation and University initiatives.


1. Two members from the Undergraduate Education Council, appointed by the Co-Chairs of the Undergraduate Education Council.
2. One member from the Graduate Council, appointed by the Chair of the Graduate Council.
3. One member from the General Education Council, appointed by the Chair of the General Education Council.
4. One member from the University Libraries (drawn from the membership of the Research Library Council), appointed by the Director of Libraries.
5. One member from the University Libraries’ Office of Scholarly Communication, appointed by the Director of Libraries.
6. One member from the Center for Teaching & Faculty Development, appointed by the Provost.
7. Four at-large faculty members (including past recipients of the Open Education Initiative grant), appointed by the Provost.
8. Up to four student members (graduate and/or undergraduate), appointed by the President of the Student Government Association and/or the Chair of AHCOOER.
9. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate and Continuing Education or a designee.
10. The Secretary of the Faculty Senate or a designee, serving ex officio.

The Chairperson (or Co-Chairpersons) shall be appointed by the Provost from among the committee membership.


The committee should begin by the start of the fall 2012 semester. A final report will be submitted to the Undergraduate Education Council by the conclusion of the spring 2013 semester.


From the Special Report of the Undergraduate Education Council concerning the Establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee on Open Educational Resources (AHCOOER), Sen. Doc. No. 12-054.






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