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In addition to the primary data that the SEIGMA Research Team has been collecting since the start of our project, we have also been collecting an enormous amount of publicly available secondary data. These data give us a broader contextual picture of what the state of Massachusetts looks like before the introduction of new gambling venues. As a research team, we will use these data to triangulate and add insight into our findings from primary data that we have collected through a series of surveys. However, because we thought these secondary data are of interest to a broader audience we have created a series of interactive web apps that when clicked below, will allow you to take a look at and interact with information on demographics, educational attainment, and poverty rates statewide.  You can view the data in tables, plots, and maps. You can also look at a particular community and compare communities to one another as well as to the state of Massachusetts and the US. Click on the links below to access the applications.Close overlay

Building Permits
Educational Attainment
Household Income
Marital Status
Poverty Rates
Property Tax
Suicide Rates
Veteran’s Status
Property Value

All of these apps were created using Shiny, a platform available through RStudio.