The STEM Diversity Forum brings together women in STEM fields and social science researchers with expertise in the obstacles women and minorities encounter in STEM fields.  We have found these ‘grass roots’ sessions to be a good way to generate policies and best practices beneficial to STEM women faculty and women faculty in general.





This spring, as you may already know, our sessions will work toward the identification of what needs to change to increase the retention of women and minority faculty.  Kick starting the semester will be an discussion focused on helping faculty with children succeed including a discussion of  the development of an AWIS Chapter at UMass Amherst  (American Women in Science) promoting family friendly policies,  and  a discussion of the creation of a venue that includes both a writing space and child care space where faculty with young children could come to write on a Saturday or on days when local schools are closed.


We will meet on the following dates this semester:  January 30th, February 27 (postponed), March 13, and April 17.  All meetings will take place in the Life Sciences Laboratory Building in Room 210.



















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