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The School Counseling National Leadership Cadre is dedicated to:

Nationwide implementation of comprehensive developmental school counseling programs that are focused on promoting life career development and student achievement, through partnerships between state government agencies, state school counseling associations and institutions of higher education.

Life Career Development is defined as self-development during the life span through the integration of roles, settings, and events across a person’s life.

The word ‘
life’ means that the focus is on the total person—the human career.

The word ‘
career’ identifies and relates to the roles in which individuals find themselves (e.g. learner, worker, family member, citizen); the settings where individuals find themselves (e.g. home, school, community, work place); and the events that occur over their lifetimes (e.g. entering school, graduating, beginning a job, marriage, divorce, retirement).

Finally, the word ‘
development’ is used to indicate that individuals are always in the process of becoming. When used in sequence, the words ‘life career development’ bring these separate meanings together, but at the same time, a greater meaning emerges. Life career development describes unique people and their own lifestyle. (Gysbers and Moore, 1981).

By “
Student Achievement” we mean academic achievement during formal K-12 schooling, successful transitions to college and work, and success in the person’s chosen occupation.

By “
Partnership”, we mean organized and sustained collaborations among state government agencies concerned with school counseling, state agencies concerned with career development, state level school counseling professional associations, and higher education-based school counselor education programs for the expressed purpose of establishing and maintaining high quality school counseling programs.

Founding Members of the SCNLC: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska