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We are currently looking for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chemical/Polymer Engineering. Candidates are sought for an immediate postdoctoral opening in the groups of Profs. Jessica Schiffman and John Klier. This position is supported by a robust industrial grant. This specific project involves modifying thermoplastic polymers to enhance their adhesive properties, characterizing these polymers, measuring mechanical and adhesive performance, correlating properties with polymer structure and reporting results to sponsors and faculty. The position requires mentoring of junior researchers, manuscript and patent preparation and submission of proposals for further work. For more information, see the advertisement at this link or apply online using this link.

The Schiffman Lab will be recruiting one Chemical Engineering PhD students for Fall 2017. Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the UMass Amherst Chemical Engineering department before January 15th (Info here). Please e-mail Professor Schiffman after you are accepted!


Motivated, curious, and dedicated Undergraduate Students majoring in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Microbiology or a related field should e-mail Professor Schiffman their resume and a statement of why they are interested in joining her lab. Include what days and hours per week you are able to commit to the lab knowing that you are required to commit at least 9-10 hours per week. Undergraduate researchers are accepted based on their research experience, interests, and graduate student mentor/lab space availability.

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