Research Funding and Policies

As noted by the Academy for Arts and Sciences, "The importance of social and behavioral science research to the nation’s economic and national security is enormous. Most of the problems we face benefit from research in these sciences. In addition, basic research in these sciences contributes to American innovation."

The Associate Dean for Research and Programs (ADRP), currently Elizabeth Chilton, oversees the College Grants Program and can advise on resources available on campus to support sponsored research (such as ISSR and the Research Development Office). Please make an appointment to talk to the ADRP if you interested in starting up a new research initiative and would like some information on how best to avail yourself of campus resources. The ADRP can also advise on policies related to course buy-outs, indirect costs policies, and University Faculty Research Grants.

SBS encourages its faculty to apply for fellowships and grants that support their creative activities and research efforts. To help SBS faculty identify and learn more about SBS-sponsored funding, University-funded research programs, and external funding support, as well as various policies, we offer links in the left sidebar.