Petition for Overload of Credit

If you wish to take more than the maximum credit load of 18 in either the fall or spring semester, more than 7 credits during one summer session, or more than one course during winter session, please fill out this form, including a short statement that explains why the overload is both desirable and possible. The Dean will consider your GPA, the number of credits you have successfully completed in the past, the specific courses you wish to take, and how close you are to graduation. 

The minimum qualifications for credit overloads: Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 for 1 credit increase to 19, 2.75 for a 2-3 credit increase, 3.0 for an increase of 4 or more credits (more than 25 credits would rarely be approved); no unresolved INCs; no Academic Sanctions (Academic Warning, Probation, Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal); additional course(s) must be appropriate. No overloads will be approved for first-semester students.

This petition will not affect the 18-credit limit for pre-registration. Even if your request is approved, the Registrar cannot activate it on the SPIRE system until approximately one week prior to the beginning of the next semester; thus, you will not be able to add the overload course(s) before then. 

You will receive the Dean’s response in the near future.

Personal Information
Academic Information
(e.g., Fall 2010)
Course List
Make sure you include all the classes that you are taking this semester plus the overloaded class(es)! Provide the 3-digit catalog number, full title, and credits for each course, e.g. ECON 103, Introduction to Microeconomics, 4.00.
Course NumberCourse TitleCourse CreditsCurrently
Please explain your reason(s) for requesting an overload.