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SBS Newsletter – March 2007

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Sally Powers

Focus on Family through Research, Teaching and Administration
As a developmental psychopathologist, Professor Sally Powers makes it her business to understand why depression develops. As director of the Center for Research on Families, she is a staunch promoter of collaborative exchange among faculty across the curriculum and advocate of their research productivity. And as a teacher, Powers is devoted to exposing students to most current theories and knowledge in the classroom and the laboratory. Read more....

Sabah Baxamoosa

Pakistani Student Relishes UMass Amherst Experiences
When Sabah Baxamoosa ’07 (social thought and political economy) attended school in Karachi, Pakistan, she was encouraged to study abroad. “Many people recommended UMass Amherst, so I did some online research. Not many higher learning institutions back home offer liberal arts educations, so I was thrilled to know I could pursue my interests in history, political science and international relations. Read more...

Eye tracking screen with image of eye

Eyetracking Lab Ties Research to Industry and Government
At the Eyetracking Lab in the Psychology Department, researchers explore cognitive processes related to vision. The lab's research related to reading has been especially outstanding. Directed by Keith Rayner, the lab is a shared facility that pulls in projects from several industry and government partners and other departments on campus. In addition to serving faculty in the Cognitive Division of the Psychology Department, researchers from the departments of Linguistics and Industrial Engineering have utilized the lab’s facilities. Read more...

Nancy Folbre

A Week in the Life of a “Genius”
What’s it like to be a “genius”? In search of an answer, we tapped Nancy Folbre (economics), the recipient of a MacArthur “genius” award a few years ago, and tracked her activities for a week. But before we begin our inside look, Folbre comments, “I’m actually an ‘expired’ genius, since the term of my grant is now over. I was lucky to get a MacArthur Fellowship. No one knows how individuals are selected, but I wish more could experience the delight that such a surprise confirmation can offer.” Read more...

And other topics of interest...

high school student interested in Power Up for Success programPower Up for College Success
Most entering students have many questions and concerns about their future college experience. Power Up for Success, a two-day, one-credit program developed by SBS Associate Dean Robert Feldman, helps first-year UMass Amherst students make a successful transition to college life in small groups with lots of personal attention. In fact, 98% of students who participated last year said they'd recommend the program. "It's fun," said one participant. "You meet new people, learn about yourself and move in early." And at the same time, students develop some essential strategies that will help tackle academics and learn the ins and outs of student life. The program takes place this year from August 30-September 1. Click here for more information and registration.

Brenda BushouseChildren and Preschool
Brenda Bushouse, assistant professor of political science and public policy, has received a two-year fellowship with ZERO TO THREE to study the impact of universal preschool on the childcare industry. ZERO TO THREE is a national nonprofit organization that supports the healthy development and well-being of infants, toddlers and their families. Bushouse will be researching the impacts of state-funded preschool-age education on the cost and supply of infant and toddler care. This project builds on her book Universal Preschool: State Policy Change and the Pew Charitable Trusts (currently under review). Professor Bushouse applied for the ZERO TO THREE Fellowship as a Family Research Scholar. Read more...

James MalletSBS Welcomes New Director of Development
In March James F. Mallet ’91 joined the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences as director of development. Mallet is not new to the UMass Amherst campus, having begun his tenure with the advancement staff in 1998 as a leadership gifts officer, eventually moving into the director of development position for the Isenberg School of Management. His many responsibilities there included leading the effort that resulted in the school’s major building addition. Read more...

Tom JuravichLabor Studies Prof Brings Knowledge to U.K.
Tom Juravich, professor of labor studies and director of the Labor Center, was in London, March 11-15, teaching a course on “Strategic Corporate Research and Campaigns” for the Trades Union Congress, the U.K.'s labor federation. Addressing union leaders from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Juravich adapted his model for research and campaigns that has been used by unions across the U.S. Read more...

Trustees Approve Increase in Student Charges
A 3.4 percent increase in student charges for the next academic year was approved March 14 by the Board of Trustees. President Jack M. Wilson, who recommended the hike, said the increase falls below the rate of inflation, currently at 3.6 percent for the Northeast. “For the fourth year in a row we have been able to keep our commitment to limiting student charges increases so that our campuses will remain affordable and accessible,” said Wilson. The total cost, including room and board, for in-state undergraduates will increase to $17,399, while the same charges for out-of-state students will be $27,977. Read more...

Very fine polymer fibersScience, Technology and Society Initiative Launches Nanotech Workshops
What are the critical issues for policy makers and society emerging from the nanotechnology revolution? To address this challenge, the Science, Technology and Society (STS) Initiative has brought together a team representing five research centers and seven degree-granting departments and programs in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS). The STS Nanoscience and Society Research Group (NanoSRG) is part of a $16 million award from the National Science Foundation and a $7 million investment by the university and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that established the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) at UMass Amherst. With this award, the STS Initiative is organizing research and a series of international workshops to contribute to the policy debate. Read more...

New England News Forum logoNew England News Forum to Sponsor Conference
Up to 200 journalists, bloggers, planners, citizens, and teachers are expecte to convene at UMass Lowell on April 7 to consider the future of New England, the effect of “shield laws,” and how technology-driven changes in media are affecting participatory democracy. “The New(s) England Revolution: From Politics to Courtroom to Classroom,” is the kickoff event launching the New England News Forum (NENF), a new journalism initiative based at UMass Amherst. Read more...

New Machmer Lounge
"My dream for over 20 years has been to have a space where students and faculty can sit and chat, read a paper, have a coffee," says Michael Morgan, chair of the Communication Department. We have never before had a place where serendipitous and fruitful interactions can spontaneously emerge, but now, thanks largely to funds from alumni, we have an area on the third floor where faculty and grad student offices and our classrooms intersect. It's large, very open, and it's got a great view south toward the library and the walkway to Whitmore. People are in it almost all the time, and I have gotten nothing but raves and heartfelt appreciation. Come and enjoy!"

Aline Sayer working on methodology with studentsSummer Methodology Workshops Offered through CRF
The Center for Research on Families actively supports and disseminates social and behavioral sciences research on issues relevant to families. Its Methodology Program is a resource for consultation and training in advanced statistical and methodological techniques that are relevant to family research. This summer offers an outstanding lineup of workshops: Analyzing Developmental Trajectories, June 19-21, taught by Daniel Nagin, professor of public policy and statistics at Carnegie-Mellon University; Hierarchiacal Linear Models 1, June 25-29, 2007, taught by Aline Sayer, associate professor of psychology and director of CRF's Methodology Program, and Natalya Verbitsky, statistician, Mathematical Policy Research, at the University of Chicago; and Modeling Longitudinal and Dyadic Data with HLM, July 23-25, 2007, taught by Aline Sayer, associate professor of psychology and director of CRF's Methodology Program. These courses have proven to be very popular. Class size is limited. Click here for more information.

Metropolitan Club dining roomSBS in New York City (and Elsewhere)
"The city's grandest palazzo, the Metropolitan Club, was organized by J. P. Morgan in protest against not being admitted to some of the city's other exclusive private men's clubs. He showed them," wrote Carter B. Hosley of architect Stanford White's sumptuous creation in Manhattan. "Its supremely elegant white marble exterior with its strong accents and regal demeanor is but a hint of its very lavish and spectacular interiors." Twenty-three alumni and friends enjoyed those accommodations—no longer restricted to men only—for cocktails and dinner in late February. Keynote speaker for the evening was Pamela Liebman '84 (communication), president and CEO of The Corcoran Group, a real estate company in the city. She shared secrets about why New York real estate continues to be hot. Read more...

commencement celebrationPost Commencement Reception
Immediately following the commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 26, all SBS graduates receiving the bachelor's degree and their guests are cordially invited to attend a reception. While every UMass Amherst college will be hosting similar receptions, SBS festivities will take place in a huge tent, solely for SBS use due to our large numbers of majors. Be looking for the tent outside the football stadium. A map of all tent locations will be printed in the Commencement Program you'll receive the day of the ceremony. Plan to meet your family there and introduce them to your friends and professors. Light refreshments will be served. Questions about this or other issues surrounding commencement? Click here...

Congratulations to Dean's List Students
Beginning now, the SBS website will honor students whose diligent efforts have earned them Dean's List standing. Posted now is the group that earned honors for their fall 2006 accomplishments. To see the current listing, click here.

Alumni News
Todd Langer '95 (communication), a health and fitness specialist and certified Rolfer®, is the CEO and founding member of Functional Innovations, LLC in Lafayette, Colorado. Read more at

Laurie Clowers '83 (communication), award winning journalist, joins Wake Technical Community College staff. Read more...

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SBS in the News, 3/27/07. A review of the new anthology Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism (W.W. Norton), edited by Laurie R. Godfrey (anthropology) and Andrew J. Petto (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee), describes the book as "spectacular" and notes that Publishers Weekly hailed it as "[a] serious, comprehensive collection of new and revised essays from some of the biggest names in the anti-creationism field." Read the full article...

Springfield Republican, 3/7/07. Craig R. Sandler '95 (journalism), now principal owner of the respected State House News Service in Boston, says he was a mess when he dropped out of Amherst-Pelham Regional High School as a junior in 1980. At UMass Amherst, which he entered the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded, he rose to become news editor and then editor-in-chief of the Daily Collegian, the largest college daily in New England. Read the full article.
3/1/07. Joshua M. Duboff '07 (political science/sports management) reveals that he has been Sam the Minuteman, the toothy UMass Amherst mascot, since his freshman year. The 6'3" senior has cheered on fans at most team events—except for hockey, since Duboff doesn't skate. Read the full article.

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