News and Events

Pollin Explores Full Employment in New Book and News Series

Professor Bob Pollin (economics) recently participated in a multi-part interview series, aired on the Real News Network, discussing his new book, Back to Full Employment, whether full employment is possible, and how to get there.

Bodybuilding: High School Students Reconstruct Human Skeleton in UMass Summer Workshop

By the end of their weeklong workshop in biological anthropology, seven Greenfield High School students could reconstruct a human skeleton, make no bones about it. They were given that very opportunity in August, when a fictional dog “discovered” the bones of a human hand.

Anthropologist Presents at Paris Conference, Engages in Fieldwork

It’s been a busy summer for Professor Jacqueline Urla (anthropology). At the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) conference in Paris she made a plenary presentation at the EASA conference.

Anthropologist Receives NSF Grant for Ethnographic Study in Italy

Professor Elizabeth L. Krause (anthropology) has been awarded a 2-year, $164,410 grant from the National Science Foundation for her project “Chinese Immigration and Family Encounters in Italy.”

Alum Directs Music Video to Promote Women in Science

Lindsay Van Dyke '11 (sociology) directed a new music video for the band Mates of State to help promote the "Science Fair" CD put out by Florence, MA-based label Spoil the Child, Spare the Rock.

Urban Design Project in Rome Brings Insights and Recognition

Garrett Stone ’12 (landscape architecture) spent three years as an owner and operator of a small café in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his father before enrolling at UMass Amherst. Admitting that he “kind of fell into the food service industry,” Stone discovered landscape architecture one day walking through the student design gallery at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Ambition Drives Student to Success

A lot has changed for Cameron Jesse Cox ’12 (sociology) since he matriculated in 2008. Cox began his stint at UMass undeclared but was considering a career in business through the Isenberg School of Management. Four years later, his career interests have become the antipode of that now distant memory.

From Falmouth to Ghana, Sadoff Discusses her Adventure

When Kerri Sadoff ’12 (social thought and political economy) left Falmouth High School, her dream was to put as much distance as she could between herself and Falmouth, Mass. “I had assumed going as far away from home as I could was what I needed... UMass is only three hours from Falmouth, yet I have found it to be an entire, wonderful world away.”

Undergraduate Plays Key Role in Family Research Study

Typically, hot flashes are thought to result from dropping estrogen levels associated with menopause. As part of her student assistantship in Family Research, Amanda Otto ’12 (anthropology) is examining the link between post-partum and menopausal hot flashes.

Sports Enthusiast Aims for Broadcast Journalism Career

Take a good look at this face and remember it. Then, someday in the not-so-distant future, when you see Michael Counos ’13 (journalism) giving the daily sports wrap-up on a major television station, you’ll remember seeing him here first! “I dream of getting a job at a big sports network after graduation,” Counos says, noting that he intends to make that happen by using all of the contacts he’s made while at UMass and continuing to hone his skills both in the classroom and through internships.