Miracle Kid: The Seventeen-Year-Old Newborn.The True Story of Zachary D. Gauvin

Zach Gauvin '11 (political science/journalism) was a junior in high school who had it all-star of the football team, a beautiful girlfriend he adored, and a terrible drinking problem. Miracle Kid tells the story of his near fatal accident and how, at the age of seventeen, he had to learn how to live all over again. A high school all-star athlete, Gauvin wakes one day to find that his world has been turned upside down. He has been involved in a serious car accident and has received a traumatic brain injury. He wakes after being in a coma for a month. Now, he must relearn how to do everyday things that most people take for granted. He must learn how to walk, talk, and use his left hand all over again. He beats all odds and recovers, fights through many hardships, and accomplishes things people-including the doctors-never thought would be possible. Along the way, he becomes an advocate for people with brain injuries, seeking to pass along the things that he has learned to others in similar situations. Miracle Kid hopes to inspire everyone to fight hard when things get tough-against all odds.

The book is available here.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012