Tour of Old Chapel

Old Chapel on campus
Friday, October 25, 2013

By Molly Boushell '14 (journalism)

Though usually closed the public, the Old Chapel on campus was open for tours from guide Richard Nathhorst of the Facilities Planning Division from Oct. 16 through 19 during Homecoming 2013. On Saturday, Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy hosted "A Celebration of the Old Chapel," where he discussed the building's importance over the past 129 years, as well as plans for its future.

The building has been many things to many people over the course of its long history. Built in 1884, the Old Chapel was originally used as the college’s library before the construction of the Goodell Building in 1936. From there, it went on to house offices, classrooms, lecture halls and eventually the UMass Marching Band.

More recently, however, the building has sat unused and unavailable to students and faculty on campus.

In hopes of reversing this trend, new efforts are being made to restore the Old Chapel. As part of the University’s "UMass Rising" campaign, the building is expected to be renovated and restored “as a center of creative and intellectual activity” in the somewhat-near future. When its doors open once more, yet another chapter in the long history of the Old Chapel will begin.

Click here for a photo tour of the Chapel and a more complete story, all by Molly Boushell '14 (journalism), an intern at the Springfield Republican.