Rosa Appears on MSNBC's ‘Melissa Harris-Perry Show’

Jonathan Rosa on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show
Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Assistant Professor Jonathan Rosa (anthropology) was a guest panelist on Melissa Harris-Perry’s program on MSNBC on Aug. 10, discussing issues of race and race-related developments in the news. Among the topics tackled by the panel was Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks’ recent comments about the Democratic Party promoting a “war on whites” in the U.S.

Rosa said Brooks’ remarks reflect an “alternative racial reality where talking about race is what divides people rather than racial inequality.” In addition to blaming Democrats for creating a racial divide, Brooks is also invoking anxiety about Latinos at a time when immigration is a key issue, said Rosa.

During a segment on racial inequality in the U.S. and structural barriers for minorities, Rosa said, “We need an intersectional and an interracial analysis of what citizenship in the U.S. is all about. So by looking at the African-American experience we can understand that simply discussing a pathway to citizenship for Latinos is by no means a guarantee of access.”

Also appearing on the program were Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now,” University of Michigan political science professor Vincent Hutchings, and Kai Price, editor at large at “Colorlines.”

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