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Faculty Profile: Sonya Atalay, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Sonya Atalay, has a passion for community-based research with indigenous communities. As a native woman herself, one of Professor Atalay’s main objectives is to perform research in partnership with communities rather than on them. Professor Atalay is an anthropologist primarily focused on the overlap between archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. Most recently, she has been working on a community mapping project which brings elders and youths together to learn and work on problems related to land and sustainability.

Behind the Leader: Joel Devariste

“A good leader stands out without having to command his presence to others,” says Joel Devariste ’18, political science student and member of the football team. “A good leader brings out the best in everyone around him and sets a great example for everyone following – much like a quarterback, who’s responsible for lining everyone up, reading a defense and getting the ball where it needs to be in a short amount of time.”

Faculty Spotlight: Dania Francis

Dania Francis, Assistant Professor of Economics and Afro-American Studies, will be one of four faculty presenters at the biannual faculty and staff Four @ Four event this Tuesday, November 17. “My current research has focused on the black-white academic achievement gap in primary and secondary education,” she explains. “One of the benefits of studying topics in education is that they often have practical policy implications. My hope is that my research helps education policy makers develop policies that effectively reduce educational inequalities.”

Making the Big Tackle: Alumni Spotlight

Kristen Kuliga ’91 (economics/political science) swears that she never intended to become an ambassador for the small number of women entering the male-dominated sports and investment industries; it just sort of happened that way.

Behind the Leader: Ariel Dickerman

The Academic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP) supports SBS undergraduate students to develop their academic and leadership potential to their fullest extent. The program gives students an academic community in which to grow and flourish. Ariel Dickerman, Academic Leadership Fellow, is very involved in the program and on campus.

Faculty Profile: Rodrigo Zamith (Journalism)

“I fell in love with news as a child, when I’d gather around the television with my family to watch the Jornal Nacional, one of the Brazilian nightly news programs,” recounts Rodrigo Zamith, new assistant professor to the UMass Journalism Department and one of this semester’s Four @ Four presenters. Zamith joins UMass from the University of Minnesota, where he received his Ph.D. in Mass Communication.

Welcome Maureen Fitzgerald, SBS Director of Development

We're excited to introduce Maureen Fitzgerald as our new Director of Development in the SBS Dean's Office! Maureen joins us from the American International College, where she worked as the Vice President of University Advancement. Her primary role was to provide measurable growth in the college fundraising. She was responsible for the communication and interaction with prospective donors and other constituent groups across the community. Maureen has worked on Development teams at Universities on each coast in the US for more than 30 years.

Bernie Sanders Rally on Campus Emphasizes Student Activism

While the rally was specifically in support of Bernie Sanders, the overarching message was on the importance of being involved in current issues and being a force for positive change.

Communication Department Hosts Alumni-Student Networking Event

The event was both a networking event and an opportunity for students to get job advice and ask questions about the career trajectories of the various alumni. This event served as a part of a larger effort to bring UMass alumni to campus and to connect them with SBS students.

Eltahawy Calls for a Double Revolution at the Resistance Speaker Series

The “double revolution” in the Middle East must involve not only political change, but cultural and sexual change as well according to Mona Eltahawy, award-winning columnist and activist. Eltahawy, who spoke Monday at the Campus Center as Journalism's representative in the SBS “Resistance” speakers series, told about 100 students and faculty that state repression will never be remedied without also changing the situation for women in public and at home.