News and Events

Faculty Profile: Joshua Braun, Assistant Professor of Journalism

“From where I sit in this lovely new building, being able to apply for grants to bring guest speakers into my classrooms, it definitely feels like I have room to breathe and stretch in ways I didn’t previously. I’m thrilled to be here and I can’t say enough about all my points of contact both within the department and in SBS.”

Behind the Leader: Jessica Williams

Communication and philosophy double major, Jessica Williams, is an integral member of the ALFP. She appreciates how easily accessible the program has made faculty members, through faculty presentations and engagements with members of the program. “The program has also taught me that our professors and instructors are more than happy to talk to students, so it never hurts to send an email or drop by their office hours,” says Williams.

Behind the Leader: Arjun Chawla

“So far, I have been greatly impacted by the ALFP,” says Arjun Chawla '16, SBS Academic Leadership Fellow and Communication major. “Being a member of this group of future world leaders has enhanced my leadership skills substantially.”

Behind the Leader: Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan ’17 (political science) joined the SBS Academic Leadership Fellows Program (ALFP) last fall and has been an active member ever since. She has been able to make connections beyond her major and has been afforded many opportunities, such as hearing Rais Bhuiyan, Founder and President of World Without Hate, speak about his experiences and activist work.

CRF Announces Fall Travel Award Winners

The Center for Research on Families is proud to announce the winners for this Fall’s Student Travel Award. Every semester the Center provides funding for students to present their family research at an academic conference. The award helps offset the costs of travel, and allows students the opportunity to meet and present with other researchers in their field. This semester, CRF has awarded a $300 travel award to Sarah Reedy, a PhD student in the Anthropology department, and a $300 travel award to PhD student Amy Newberg of the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department.

Feel Good Friday: LARP Sponsors College Matters For U Program

This fall, the Department of Landscape Architecture partnered with Career Services, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Nursing, along with other outside institutions, to launch the first annual College Matters for U program at the UMass Center at Springfield. This program encourages K-12 students in the Springfield area to consider their future, explore career paths, and network with leaders and faculty. Frank Sleegers, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, taught courses at the event.

Faculty Profile: Sonya Atalay, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Sonya Atalay, has a passion for community-based research with indigenous communities. As a native woman herself, one of Professor Atalay’s main objectives is to perform research in partnership with communities rather than on them. Professor Atalay is an anthropologist primarily focused on the overlap between archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. Most recently, she has been working on a community mapping project which brings elders and youths together to learn and work on problems related to land and sustainability.

Behind the Leader: Joel Devariste

“A good leader stands out without having to command his presence to others,” says Joel Devariste ’18, political science student and member of the football team. “A good leader brings out the best in everyone around him and sets a great example for everyone following – much like a quarterback, who’s responsible for lining everyone up, reading a defense and getting the ball where it needs to be in a short amount of time.”

Faculty Spotlight: Dania Francis

Dania Francis, Assistant Professor of Economics and Afro-American Studies, will be one of four faculty presenters at the biannual faculty and staff Four @ Four event this Tuesday, November 17. “My current research has focused on the black-white academic achievement gap in primary and secondary education,” she explains. “One of the benefits of studying topics in education is that they often have practical policy implications. My hope is that my research helps education policy makers develop policies that effectively reduce educational inequalities.”

Making the Big Tackle: Alumni Spotlight

Kristen Kuliga ’91 (economics/political science) swears that she never intended to become an ambassador for the small number of women entering the male-dominated sports and investment industries; it just sort of happened that way.