News and Events

Resource Economics Seniors Andrew Mack and Brendan Moore to Enter Peace Corps

Andrew Mack and Brendan Moore, two students with similar career aspirations, will be tasked with two very different areas of work over the next two years. Mack, also a nutrition major, will be traveling to Belize to become a Health Resource Advisor, working with administrative health and schools to educate them about non-communicable diseases. Moore, on the other hand, will be going to Africa to teach secondary math…in French

Nick Vigneau, The Human Behind 'Humans of UMass Amherst'

Vigneau developed Humans of UMass Amherst as a way to both foster and showcase community at UMass and give people a glimpse into the lives of those around them. He believes that Humans is a thoughtful and intimate way for the rest of the world to see UMass, conveying the idea that “everybody can find a place here; that’s the beauty of this school.”

SBS Advising Resource Center Saves Time, Ensures Success

The ARC is an academic advising office on campus that serves students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Thompson 128’s doors are open to students seeking advice on graduation and major requirements, internship and career guidance, study abroad opportunities, and much more.

UMass Hosts Premier of New Documentary on Israel and Palestine

On Thursday, April 5, 2016, the Pioneer Valley will premiere Media Education Foundation's (MEF) newest documentary film about Israel’s decades-long propaganda war in the U.S. at UMass, and will be accompanied by a Q&A by Sut Jhally of the Department of Communication. 

Get To Know Your SBS Peer Advisor, Matthew White

"Before becoming a Peer Advisor, I had never had the opportunity to work individually with my peers simply to aid them in their pursuit of goals as students and as individuals. Through that I have also learned more about myself as a person. I have learned some of my weaknesses along with some of my strengths as an individual." 

SBS ‘Food for Thought’ Series Brings Students and Alumni Together for Discussions on Careers

The Food for Thought series is a part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences’ initiative to connect students with alumni on campus.

Fountain Makes Recommendations for Next Administration

Political Science Professor Jane Fountain’s white paper, Building an Enterprise Government: Creating an Ecosystem for Cross-Agency Collaboration in the Next Administration, makes recommendations for building enterprise approaches in government. It was published on Monday, March 14, 2016 jointly by the Partnership for Public Service and IBM Center for the Business of Government

Katie Charbonneau Overcomes Obstacles and Paves Way to Success

Charbonneau has made a name for herself on campus through the many organizations of which she is a part. This is her third year working as a Peer Mentor for Residential Life, and she has been a Peer Advisor for SBS for two semesters. One of her main focuses, though, has been founding a chapter of the national organization for grieving college students called Actively Moving Forward.

Chris Earls ‘16 Advocates for Better Higher Education Funding

The Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM) invites anyone involved with public higher education institutions to visit the state legislator’s office to advocate for better funded, affordable, and accessible public higher education. This year, Public Higher Education Advocacy Day is March 7. Chris Earls describes the importance of this day and what students can do to help.

Senior Spotlight: Dianna Bronchuk Embraces Leadership at UMass

“One of the things SBS promotes is cultivating diverse and open-minded students. Because of SBS, I’ve had successful interviews that landed me two internships, I have a global perspective on world issues, I’m able to open dialogue without misrepresenting cultures or ethnicities that aren’t my own, and I’ve grown into someone who knows how to interpret situations in a mature way."