10th Annual Alfange Lecture in American Constitutionalism

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 4:00pm
Amherst Room, Campus Center (10th floor)

Ever wondered what it means when the President submits an "Executive Order?" Or why the President has unitary control over the military? Or just generally where the President gets all that power? Then come to this lecture, "The Law of the Executive Branch: Presidential Power" presented by Dr. Louis Fisher, Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project, and learn all about it. Click here for more details. 

Louis Fisher is Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project, which brings together policy experts and legal practitioners from across the political spectrum to foster consensus-based solutions to the most difficult constitutional challenges of our time. Previously he worked for four decades at the Library of Congress as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers (Congressional Research Service, 1970–2006); and specialist in Constitutional Law (Law Library, 2006–10). During his service with CRS he was research director of the House Iran-Contra Committee in 1987, writing major sections of the final report. Dr. Fisher has authored more than 20 books, almost 500 articles, and hundreds of reports.