SBS Online Fellows Program

Application Deadline: Friday, November 20, 2015

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is pleased to announce the SBS Online Fellows Program, which has been in place since 2006.

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Be sure to check the list of ineligible courses to make sure you're not developing a course that already exists!

About the Online Fellows Program

The Online Fellows Program is designed to encourage quality online teaching of General Education and other high-demand classes by providing Fellows with the technological skills and support to create and teach these courses.  Fellows will have preference for three years to teach the courses they have developed. During the spring semester of 2016, participants in the Fellows Program will:

  • Participate in a total of four trainings/meetings with other Fellows and an experienced online instructor, Brian McDermott (Senior Lecturer, Journalism), to discuss pedagogical and practical issues in the development of online courses.
  • Participate in a training session in online course development from Continuing and Professional Education’s (CPE) eLearning. 
  • Develop an online course to be offered in the Summer or Fall of 2016.
  • Teach their online course through CPE in the Summer or Fall of 2016.


Training and support for the development and teaching of an online course is $3,000.  Participants will receive additional compensation of $1,500 for developing the course and $1,500 for teaching the course for the first time. The workshops and stipend will be funded by SBS.  For graduate students, department chairs will be requested to cover $500 of the stipend.

The second payment of $1,500 will be issued given the course receives sufficient enrollments to run.


  • Courses to be developed must be high demand courses that have not yet been offered as online courses.
  • Courses must have a relevant market that will attract enrollments (i.e. campus, non-degree students, a certain major, etc.).
  • No previous experience with online course development or instruction is required.
  • If the course does not receive sufficient enrollments to run, the course should be offered within 1 year for the Fellow to receive the second payment of $1,500.
  • All applications must be endorsed by the chair of the department.
  • Graduate students are required to have a faculty sponsor.

Application deadline 

Applications for the program are due Friday, November 20, 2015.


Please direct questions and applications to Brian McDermott, SBS Director of Online Fellows Program,

Ineligible Courses

Courses already developed through the Online Fellows Program:


Course Title Course Description
Anthropology 100 Human Nature
Anthropology 102 Archeology and Prehistory
Anthropology 103 Human Origins and Variation
Anthropology 104 Culture, Society and People
Anthropology 105 Language, Culture and Comm
Anthropology 106 Culture Through Film
Anthropology 150 Ancient Civilizations
Anthropology 205 Inequality and Oppression
Anthropology 208 Human Ecology
Anthropology 270 North American Indians
Anthropology 297P Pyramids of Egypt
Anthropology 312 Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 369 North American Archeology

Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies

Course Title Course Description
CLACLS 397B Latin American History Through Film

Center for Public Policy and Administration

Course Title Course Description
CPPA 697MP Managing Public Sector Projects


Course Title Course Description
Communication 118 Interpersonal Comm and Culture
Communication 121 Introduction to Media and Culture
Communication 122 Introduction to Media Programming and Institutions
Communication 125 Introduction to Rhetoric, Performance, and Social Action
Communication 140 Introduction to Film
Communication 212 Cultural Codes in Communication
Communication 250 Interpersonal Communication
Communication 319 Health Communication
Communication 336 Consumer Culture
Communication 397WW Sports Cultures and Advertising
Communication 497UA Info Technology and the Future
Communication 691E Media Literacy Theory
Communication 691 Media Literacy Practices


Course Title Course Description
Economics 103 Introduction to Microeconomics
Economics 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Economics 105 Introduction to Political Economy
Economics 204 Intermediate Macro Theory
Economics 308 Political Economy of the Environment
Economics 311 Money and Banking
Economics 397LE Law and Economics: Critical Perspectives
Economics 397FA The Political Economy of Food and Agriculture
Economics 397W Junior Year Writing

Heritage Studies

Course Title Course Description
Heritage 597GD Global Heritage and the City


Course Title Course Description
Journalism 310 Global Changes in International Journalism
Journalism 332 Sports Journalism
Journalism 397E Environmental Journalism
Journalism 397U Interviewing Essentials
Journalism 435 Web Design for Journalists
Journalism 460 Journalism Ethics

Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Course Title Course Description
LARP 547 Landscape Pattern and Process
REGIONPL 591P Local Climate Change and Migration Planning
REGIONPL 591LC Planning for Climate Adaptation
REGIONPL 691E Introduction to Geographic Info Systems
LARP 691S Cultural Landscapes: Documentation, Values and Policy

Political Science

Course Title Course Description
Political Science 101 American Politics
Political Science 111 Introduction to Comparative Politics
Political Science 121 World Politics
Political Science 181 Controversy and Public Policy
Political Science 203 American Political Thought
Political Science 250 Citizenship in the Nuclear Age
Political Science 252 Globalization, Governance and World Order
Political Science 280 Public Policy
Political Science 359 International Political Economy
Political Science 388 Corporate Lobbying in the Global Economy
Political Science 391GP Green Politics and Theory
Political Science 391MP Media and Politics


Course Title Course Description
Sociology 103 Social Problems
Sociology 105 Self, Society and Interpersonal Relations
Sociology 106 Race, Gender, Class and Ethnicity
Sociology 107 Contemporary American Society
Sociology 110 General Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 297W Intro to Social Warfare
Sociology 302 Foundations of Sociological Theory
Sociology 320 Sociology of Social Movements
Sociology 323 Sociology of Law
Sociology 328 Introduction to Social Work
Sociology 340 Race Relations
Sociology 387 Sexuality & Society
Sociology 391D Conformity and Deviance
Sociology 395N CrimNet: Capone to Al-Qaeda
Sociology 442 Sociology of Medicine

Sustainable Community Development

Course Title Course Description
Sustainable Community 205 Dynamics of Human Habitations