Distinguished Professor Nomination

Qualifications for Distinguished Professors

The title of Distinguished Professor may be awarded to full professors with the following qualifications: 

  • Outstanding research, teaching, and/or public service contributions that are widely recognized nationally, and/or internationally, as appropriate.
  • Extraordinary level of productivity and impact in his/her field of study that goes well beyond the existing high expectations for full professors on campus.
  • A level of productivity and impact that has been demonstrated for an extended period of time.
  • Pre-eminence in his/her field of study.
  • Recognition by professional organizations for outstanding contributions to the field (e.g., receipt of national awards).
  • A person who would be a major loss to the University if he/she were to leave and would impact on the University’s national and international reputation.
  • A person considered to be a role model for faculty and students.

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominations are initiated by a Department. Each Department Personnel Committee (DPC) recommends up to one faculty member for Distinguished Professor by October 30. The DPC forwards to the College Personnel Committee (CPC) its recommendation/justification and the prospective candidate’s CV.  At this stage, faculty members are unaware of any recommendation.
  • The CPC reviews departmental recommendations, and agrees to move forward with up to two nominations each year from the College. The CPC notifies the department(s) by November 30 that the candidate(s) should be formally nominated.  At this point, the faculty member(s) is(are) notified, outside letters are solicited, and each nomination is accompanied by a full dossier of relevant material, including a curriculum vita, departmental letter of nomination, letters of support, and other evidence supporting the nomination. In the case of an external candidate, the DPC will make a recommendation to the Dean and must follow standard screening procedures associated with promotion. Final nomination materials should reach the Dean’s office no later than March 1.
  • The CPC reviews all nomination materials for one or both cases, and makes its recommendation(s) to the Dean. The Dean and CPC notify each nominee of the decision.
  • Positive nominations are forwarded to the Provost’s office by March 30.
  • When the Provost and Chancellor concur, the nomination is forwarded to the President's Office for consideration. When the President concurs, the recommendation is forwarded to the Board of Trustees.