The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at UMass Amherst is home to a faculty second to none. Recognitions come to them from near and far for their outstanding teaching, innovative research and dedicated community service. These researchers and scholars find ways to change the world for the better through their own accomplishments and their engaging teaching skills.

SBS students find themselves in classrooms, both large and small, with some of the most amazing social scientists. They include Pulitzer Prize winner Madeleine Blais in journalism, MacArthur "genius" Nancy Folbre in economics, and many other distinguished leaders in their field. Our professors pride themselves on passing their own love of learning and discovery to their students.

Of course, keeping all the systems running is the dedicated SBS staff. These unsung heroes manage the multitude of administrative and organizational tasks that keep all of the departments in the College running smoothly and efficiently.

Faculty and Staff by Department/Program

Anthropology Faculty  |  Staff
Communication Faculty  |  Staff
Economics Faculty  |  Staff
Journalism Faculty & Staff
Labor Studies:  Faculty & Staff
Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning  Faculty  |  Staff
Legal Studies Faculty & Staff
Political Science Faculty & Staff
Public Policy & Administration Faculty & Staff
Resource Economics Faculty  |  Staff
Social Thought & Political Economy Faculty & Staff
Sociology Faculty & Staff